Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wire Runs Between Hulls

  James and Hanneke don't mention in any of there plans anything about electrical systems. A builder is basically on there own. We used ordinary compression style wire glands at first. These were not really satisfactory as they are designed for a single round cable. We had leaks around them into the cabins. We came up with this technique that is very simple and very effective. I thought I would share it.
   The  basic system is we glue a stub of PVC tubing Onto the hull and then another piece in line with the first onto the side of the cockpit. Then we connect the two tube stubs with a piece of rubber inner tube and a couple of hose clamps. Here are some photos that will make it all very clear.

 This is in the starboard hull next to the electrical panel and radios etc.

This is between the starboard hull and the cockpit. The inner tube is from a motorcycle. Between the cockpit and the port hull there are fewer wires and we used a smaller tube with a piece of bicycle inner tube.

This is inside the battery compartment at the starboard side of the cockpit.

This is the stub glued and glassed onto the side of the cockpit before paint.
This system has worked out very well for us and we don't have anymore water intrusion around our wire connections. We use pieces of split PVC tubing to run wires through along the bottom of the cockpit and in other exposed locations. They look nice when filleted in and painted to match.