Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome to Pro-Built Tiki 30

Welcome to the online journal documenting the construction of a new, professionally built Wharram Tiki 30 catamaran. This Tiki 30 is being built in Jupiter, Florida, by the capable crew of Boatsmith, a marine carpentry company owned by David Halladay.

As a long-time Wharram enthusiast myself, I am currently building a Tiki 26, named Element II here at my home base in Mississippi. As a boat carpenter who has worked for David Halladay off and on since 2001, I am honored to be involved in this project as the designer of this journal and a contributor. As the work progresses on this vessel, you will see the occasional post from me, but those signed "Boatsmith" will be directly from David Halladay at the shop.

As I post this today, David and his core crew of four have cut out all the hull panels and are assembling them and cutting bulkheads and other parts. I'm planning to visit the shop next week, to assist in the initial assembly of the hulls and what ever else we can get done in three days or so. I'll look forward getting hands-on involvement in the project and will update here after this experience.

Oh, and in case you're wondering.... Yes, this Tiki 30 catamaran is for sale, and you don't have to wait until it's finished to own it. Buy it now and have it custom finished to your requirements. Please send your inquiries directly to David Halladay:

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