Monday, May 19, 2008

Priming and Bottom Paint

We're moving forward with project much faster than the updates here indicate. Lots of priming and pre-finish work has been done on various parts. Below is the mast with primer coats completed.

On the hull we applied three coats of Interlux barrier coating, beginning with the gray seen to the left and progressing to a lighter gray and then white.

Bottom paint was then applied below the chine knuckle. We used Petit's Vivid bottom paint in the white color. The topsides above the chine will be painted with red Awlgrip.

This bulge in the inboard side of the starboard hull, below the waterline, is a custom made mounting for the fathometer. The transponder needed to be pointing down and with the hull shape of the Tiki 30, it was necessary to build in this wedge-shaped hollow mounting space to accomodate it. The other hole is the thru-hull for the knotmeter.

The following photos show the crew turning the hulls back upright. With the bottoms done and topside panels ready to paint, we will not have to invert the hulls again.

Moving forward from this point will begin with sheathing the decks and cabin structures with Xynole cloth.

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