Friday, March 27, 2009

Still Improving Our Tiki 30

It has been a very long time since I've updated this blog. Sorry 'bout that, got busy and/or lazy.
In December we showed the Tiki 30 at the Saint Petersburg Boat Show. There were only 5 multihulls there. We had a good spot and the boat was very well received. We had people who had heard of James Wharram, full blown Wharramites, and folks who had never seen anything like it at all. We planted lots of seeds and met lots of people,some Wharram owners and some who want to be.

In February we were at the Miami Boat Show. This is billed as the largest multihull show in the world. There were many large catamarans being shown. There were two smaller tris, but every one else was larger than we were. There certainly was no shortage of condomarans. About a third of the people walking by didn't even see us, we didn't even register in their brain.Another portion looked casually and kept moving. But about a third of the folks saw us and got excited. Either they were familiar with Wharram boats or they just recognized a fun boat when they saw one. We were swarmed with visitors the four days of the show. We met lot of people and have since sold two Tiki 26's from contacts made at this show. There will be more about that later.
The photo above is our Tiki 30 sailing with 7 people on board at the Wharram Rendezvous in Islamorada FL held the middle of May. There were 8-9 Wharrams in attendance and maybe 50 people. We showed off our boat and gave lots of rides. Lots of fun.

Just some more details. Above is our motor cover/cocktail table/instrument panel /winch base. A couple of photos down is a view with the cover up. Below is looking into the port side cabin.

Below is an action shot of the rear tramp. This was en route to the Saint Pete show Thanksgiving weekend via the intercoastal waterway between Stuart and Fort Meyers.

Here is a view of the aft tramps with the swim ladder down.

This is a shot of our bimini. We had it made for us by High Seas Fabrication of Stuart FL. IT has worked out better than we had imagined.

This photo was taken at the Saint Pete show.

Below is a view of the radios and the electrical panel
We will be doing some more work during the next 2weeks to get the boat ready for a trip to the Exumas in the Bahamas. We are having photos taken by Onne Vanderwahl and then a vacation.
I will post more soon.

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