Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home from the Bahamas

We had a great time with Abaco in the Exumas this summer. We had delivered the boat to Nassau for Onne van der Wal to take a working vacation with his kids. We ended up with lots of great photos and our boat ready to go in the Exumas. Some of our associates and their families spent time on her and then my family went over for a couple of weeks. I would have some pics of that trip but waded into the water with my camera in my pocket within the first 1/2 hr of arriving at the boat in Staniel Cay

So now it was time to bring the boat back to Florida to make her perfect for the Annapolis Sail Boat Show in October. My niece had just graduated fro college and I suggested that she and her roommate might enjoy going with David Crawford on his delivery back. being smart girls they didn't have to be asked twice. And David just needed a little arm twisting to have a couple of attractive young women for crew. Some guys just seem to get the sweet jobs.
The girls thought that this was a small plane from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau.
That was before they saw the plane from Nassau to Little Farmers Cay.

This is the airport terminal at Little Farmers.The crew is l-r Kelly, David, Sara

The boat was anchored in the harbor. We had a local man keeping a eye on it and all was well.

Sara is delighted with the small galley as she comments that obviously she won't be cooking in here.

This is really the shower?

First stop is a trip to the caves nearby.

Then a trip to the local seafood market for dinner.

While in the islands we added these blue tarp awnings. we rolled them down as required for additional shade. We will incorporate these into our next bimini.

Fresh water is readily available throughout the Exumas due to many RO units.

Even though this is technically a delivery there was time to stop and hike to see the iguanas on Great Guana Cay.

The next stop is the famous Thunderball Grotto.

The last leg is from Great Harbor at the north end of the Berrys to West Palm Beach. The weather report said go now as a front is coming through in 36- 48 hrs. Part of it was a little ahead of schedule as they experienced some thunder storms out in the gulf stream.

The wind was only 5-10 from the southeast. Not really enough to sail fast as they were headed north west.

As the sun was setting and the wind picked up a little my dirty moldy old fouly jacket started looking pretty good to Sara.

Fortunately Kelly had some sailing experience and could spell David at the helm. Sara sang out to David, who was napping below that there was a big cruise ship coming. David asked where and Sara replied over there,when queried which way was it going the reply was that way.

There was a lot of cruise ship traffic in the Northwest Providence channel and crossing the stream. Some of the had video screens on the upper deck that seemed as large as Abaco

One last shot of Paradise.

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