Monday, April 14, 2008

Rudders and Gaff

Work on Tiki 30 parts is still going on while the hulls are stored outside our shop until we can move them back in later this week. Some of the details that have to be completed include making small parts like the rudders and the gaff. Parts for the rudders were cut out yesterday and are shown on the table here. They are built up of several laminated layers of plywood to the required thickness, and then shaped and sheathed with fiberglass before installation.

The gaff parts were also laminated yesterday. The gaff, like the mast, which will be built next week, it is made of Doug fir for strength and light weight.

Here is the glued-up gaff, ready now for shaping and fitting of the gaff slider.

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Anonymous said...

As someone considering a Wharram design watching this blog has been great fun, please keep up the good work.