Friday, April 4, 2008

Moving Outside

The forward and aft crossbeams shown here are mostly finished except for fairing, priming and painting.

This view of stern deck of the port hull shows the coaming we built for the ice box access hatch.

We are now beginning work on fairing the hull exteriors in preparation for fiberglass sheathing. The first step is to make all the fillets at the stem posts, stern posts, and topside panel overlaps to smooth the transitions where all these parts meet. This view shows the transition from the sheer stringer to the topside panel.

Below you can see how the stern post is faired into the hull panels and the joint where the topside panel overlaps the lower hullside. Excess thickened epoxy is used to fill these transitions, and when it cures it will be sanded fair.

Here is a view of one of the bows, showing the filled in stem post and the various temporary screw holes that have now been filled.

After this filling was done, we loaded the hulls onto carts so we could move them out of the shop temporarily. We had to get them out of the way so that we can move the interior for the Liberty 42, which has to be taken to the Liberty Yachts facility for fitting into the hull.

Below you can see we have moved the hulls out of the shop and covered them with a tarp. They will have to stay outside for about a week while we fit the Liberty 42 interior on site and then bring it back into the shop for finishing. Once the interior is back in its place in the rear of our shop, the Tiki 30 hulls can be moved back inside for finishing. In the meantime work will continue on various parts for the Tiki 30: including the crossbeams, cockpit, gaff, mast, rudders and tillers.

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