Monday, November 10, 2008

More Ice Box and Anchor Roller

All that's left to complete the new window installations is to repaint the house sides.

You may recall how many times this custom ice box has appeared in this blog. Well here it is again. This photo is looking down from the deck and shows the cleats we have installed to hold the shelf where the blocks of ice will sit and also the cleats that will hold the top plug.

Here is the top plug and the shelf. The plug is 4 1/2" of foam covered with 4 oz xynole polyester cloth ans epoxy and is ready for final fairing and paint. The ice shelf and the cleats that support it have epoxy inserts in way of the attaching screws to prevent water access to the wood and still permit removal for cleaning and maintenance.
The next two photos show the plug and the shelf in primer. The plug fit very snugly, tight enough that it settles slowly while air eases out.There is an arrow carved into the top of the plug to indicate proper orientation. The holes in the shelf are to permit free air flow.

We have outfitted this boat with a 22 lb (10kg) Rocna anchor. This anchor has a reputation for setting and resetting quickly and being able to handle changes of direction in pull. But it did need a special roller built to hold it ready for deployment. Below is the roller almost ready for primer.

This box will be bolted up under a trap door hatch in the teak foredeck. It will hold the primary
anchor chain and line.

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