Monday, March 31, 2008

Ventilation for the Tropics

The first two photos here show the openings we've cut for the portlights that will be fitted in each aft cabin bulkhead. This bulkhead has enough vertical clearance above the aft crossbeam for a good sized opening portlight, and these will greatly improve the habitability of the cabins by increasing ventilation. Below is the port hull, showing the galley and port opening which is positioned in a good location to vent the heat from the stove.

In this photo you can see the portlight in the starboard hull. Just above the portlight opening, in a protected location near the cabin roof, you can see the shelf we've built to house the VHF radio and a marine stereo system.

This interior view looking forward from inside the port hull shows the cabin roof installation and the reinforcing deckbeams that support it. At the forward end you can see the cut out for the opening ventilation hatch that will be fitted to provide airflow over the bunk. The cabin side port cut outs are also visible here. These too will be fitted with opening portlights, so we will have maximum airflow down below - important in a boat that will be sailed in south Florida and the nearby islands.

This view of the inboard side of the starboard hull shows the portlight on the cockpit side of the cabin, as well as the forward hatch and the main companionway opening.

Here's an overview of the Tiki 30, with both hulls now decked and the cabin tops on. The crossbeams are nearly done, so we will soon be joining the hulls together. The next two big projects are building the cockpit and the mast.

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