Thursday, June 26, 2008

Final Details and Ready for the Road

The photos below were all taken Tuesday as we scrambled to finish all those last minute details to get the boat ready to take to the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, Connecticut. The first photo below was taken Tuesday night as we are loaded on the trailer and ready for the road. We left the shop at 10:30 PM. We will be assembling and launching the boat at a yard near the boat show today, on Thursday, June 26 - just a little over 5 months since starting the construction in late January.

Here is a view of the cockpit showing the custom-made seat cushions and other details such as the cockpit table/motor box, hatches, etc.

A close-up of the motor box shows the teak table top and the central jib sheet winch, as well as instrumentation and engine controls.

Here is a view into the galley in the port hull. The sink is on the outboard side to the right, and our custom-made stainless single burner propane stove is mounted on the shelf to the inboard side. In the center is an opening portlight above the access to the ice box.

Here you can see the finished nav-station in the starboard hull. A VHF and stereo have been installed, along with the DC circuit panel and 12-volt fan and lighting. All the varnished trim is teak.

Here is a view of one of the rudders showing the lashings. The V-shaped notch in the top of the stern post is a receiver for the extra aft netting beam.

We will probably have the boat in the water before most of you read this. We hope to meet some of you this weekend at the boat show.

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Anonymous said...

I kept wondering why you had placed the underfloor breather vent up on BH3 instead of BH6 to plan. Now I see!

But isn't that supposed to be a sealed flotation compartment? I'd love to use the extra space, myself, but I thought it was off limits.