Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fitting Out Details

We're in the final assembly and fitting out phase of the Tiki 30, and have been working long hours in a final push to get everything done in time to make the Mystic Wooden Boat Show this weekend, in Mystic, Connecticut. The boat will be loaded onto a trailer later today and we will begin the trip north to arrive in time to assemble and launch at a nearby boatyard. There are lots of projects going on simultaneously as we complete such tasks as rigging, wiring and systems and hardware installations. The photos below were taken a few days ago, but will give you and idea of how things are coming together.

Here is a view into the cockpit, where you can see that the decks and non-skid areas have been painted, the motor box/table is finished with cut-outs for instruments and controls, and seat box lids and inboard portlights have been installed. We have since installed the engine and remote controls for it.

Here is a view of the port stern deck and aft portion of the cabin top. You can see the stern mooring cleat, inspection port, icebox hatch lid, and on the cabin top, the spinnker lead block and self-tailing winch for the port sheets.

Looking inside the port hull, forward into the bunk area, you can see that the portlights and cabin top opening hatch have all been installed, and the teak trim for the bulkhead openings is finished. The shelves are also getting small fiddle rails of varnished teak.

Here is the almost finished nav-station in the starboard hull. We have installed the DC switch panel, VHF radio, 12-volt L.E.D. lighting and 12-volt fan, and the portlight in the aft cabin bulkhead.

In addition to what is shown in these photos, we are completing the standing and running rigging and all the wiring within and between the hulls. Painting and varnishing is complete and most of the custom canvas items we ordered such as cockpit cushions and bunk cushions have arrived in time for the boat show. It's been an exciting and busy time in the Boatsmith shop. We'll post more photos as soon as possible of the completed boat, and we look forward to showing it in Connecticut, and to meeting the designer: James Wharram.

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Anonymous said...

Well done!
I have been watching Wharram for some years now, daydreaming about building one myself. Your boat is a beauty! You have set the bar high.
Congratulations on your selection as Wharram's U.S. builder!