Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hatches and Aft Beam

Here are the completed companionway hatches, showing the teak overlay and teak framing. These will be finished bright to add a nice natural wood contrast to the white decks and cabin sides.

In the clamps on the bench below, you can see the extra aft netting beam that we've laminated from Doug fir. It is a hollow constructed spar, not structural to the boat but plenty strong enough to support the aft trampolines and a boarding ladder.

Below is a view of the completed double-coaming hatch for the insulated ice box. Note the drain hole near the bottom edge of the outer coaming. This allows drainage of the small amount of water that might get in between the outer coaming on the deck and hatch cover. The inner coaming prevents any water from getting inside. This is an old and proven way to build a waterproof wooden hatch. This opening is in the stern deck of the port hull just aft of the aft beam. The round hole aft of the hatch is for mounting an inspection port to access the compartment aft of the ice box.

This is a view of the port foredeck and hatch coaming, complete with primer.

Decks and cabin roof are also primed on the starboard hull, and beam lashing pads and deck blocks are complete.

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