Thursday, March 13, 2008

Decks and Interiors

Deck panels have been installed with the exception of the one stern deck over the ice box, in the port hull. Below you can see the starboard hull with the foredeck clamped into position.

The reddish patch here is fairing compound in the area of the bow cleat backing plate.

This is the ice box compartment aft of the cabin bulkhead in the port hull. Foam insulation has been glued in and is awaiting fiberglassing and epoxy finishing and fairing.

In each hull in the area of the companionway, we fitted additional ring frames to reinforce the unsupported area of the cabin sides and coach roofs where the companionway openings will be cut. This is the starboard hull, looking aft at the navigation station.

Here is a view of the galley showing the added ring frame in the port hull.

A view of one of the forward bunks, showing the painted underside of the deck. All that remains here is to paint the joint areas where the deck meets the hullsides.

Looking aft from the decked forward cabin, into the larger main cabin.

The hulls are now spaced the correct assembly distance apart and we've set up work tables between them with steps on each end so the crew can move freely about all the various areas that are in progress.

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