Monday, March 3, 2008

Interior Shelves and Stern Decks

Today we installed the shelves that fit at the sheer and lower cabin side joint on the sides of the cabin interiors. These shelves not only provide handy storage for small items in the otherwise unusable space on the sides of the cabins, but also serve to greatly strengthen the joint between hull and cabin. Forward of the main ring frame in the cabins, which is the berth area, the shelves are installed on both inboard and outboard sides.

Here you can see the shelves clamped to temporary braces to keep them in a horizontal plane while the epoxy fillets that secure them are made on the underside of the joints.

We also temporarily closed in the sterns today, fastening down the decks with screws through scrap material on the top edges while the epoxy cured on the cleat reinforcing blocks underneath. This was done to maintain the correct amount of camber in the decks when they are taken back off for finishing on the underside.

The mounting location of the cleats can be seen here, where the bolts protrude through the deck.

Meanwhile, the forward decks are almost finished. Backing plates for the bow mooring cleats were glued on the undersides.

This photo shows the large reinforced backing area for one of the bow cleats.

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