Thursday, March 6, 2008

Galley, Interior Fairing and Painting

The built-in features of the galley are now done. Below you can see the shelf (where the bucket is) that will hold the stove, and on the outboard side of the hull you can see the sink. The opening in the middle of the bulkhead is access to the icebox that is built into the aft compartment. An insulated door here will make it convenient to retrieve items stored in the ice box, while a top-loading hatch from the aft deck will make adding block ice easy.

In this view of the port hull you can see the bulkhead to cabin side joints have been filleted, glassed and faired.

The undersides of all the deck panels are being primed and painted.

In the starboard hull, we have the forward cabin area primed and ready to paint.

We're scarfing plywood to get long enough pieces for the cabin tops and cockpit panels. This will avoid having to join these parts with butt blocks.

Here's a side view showing the lines of the cabin roof.

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