Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fitting out the Cabins

The cabin sides went on the starboard hull today, and interior work continued, including installation of more of the shelves and the galley and navigation station counters.

The cabin sides were held in position with clamps and filleted to the upper bulkhead edges.

Here's a view from aft showing the curve on the inboard, or cockpit side of the starboard cabin.

In the companionway area the shelf at the sheer to hullside joint wraps around to the aft bulkhead, forming a wide countertop surface. You can see this one-piece unit below, and how it is being filleted and glassed into the joint at the lower edge of the cabinside.

Here is a view looking in to the starboard hull from aft, showing the installed shelving.

And this is the perspective from the forward bunk, looking aft into the main cabin. We cut this passage way in the forward cabin bulkhead to open up the interior and make the small space in the forward bunk area more usable.

The port hull is only a few steps behind the starboard. Here you can see the shelves in the bunk area are in and fillets are being made on the bottom joint.

This is one of the cleat reinforcing blocks we glued under the decks. This deck panel is now locked to the correct camber and will fit right into place after the underside is prepped and painted.

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