Monday, March 10, 2008

Moving Forward....

Today we rearranged the shop and moved the Tiki 30 hulls forward to a location near the front entrance. This space in the rear where we built the hulls will now be used for work on another project.

The Tiki 30 will be finished here, near the front where we can easily get it out the door for loading on a trailer.

Today the forward bunk areas were painted with a top coat of Awlgrip Matterhorn White. These are now finished except for the taped off areas at the hull to deck joints.

All other areas inside the cabins are primed and almost ready for paint.

A view into the main bunk area of the starboard cabin.

The plywood panels for the cabin roof tops, which will be foam sandwich construction, are prepped for scarfing below:

This is the frame work for the hatches that will be located in the forward part of the roof of each cabin over the main bunks.

The undersides of the decks are also painted with Awlgrip and are ready for installation. The portlights beside them on the table below are the new ones we picked up last week for the inboard sides of the cabins. These are opening ports that will provide more ventilation in the cabins.

In the two photos below you can see the locations of these opening ports scribed on the inboard sides of the cabins.

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