Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finishing the Cabin Sides

Today the cabin sides were installed on the port hull, so now you can see the two hulls side by side at the full height they will be when finished.

The starboard cabin interior is almost ready for primer and paint.

Both hulls are in progress simultaneously, as we still have the full crew on the project for most of the day. A couple of other small jobs not related to the Tiki 30 had to be taken care of, but we're still going full steam ahead on this project and plan to continue until done.

In the port hull filleting and taping is in progress at all the joints where the newly installed cabin sides meet the bulkheads and sheer lines.

This is a view looking aft to the galley from forward in the port cabin.

This view of the starboard cabin shows the height and the outboard slope of the cabin roof line. The guys are standing at bunk level.

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