Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ice Box Nearly Finished

In the last post I mentioned how some of the interior extras like the ice box were adding a good bit of extra time to project. These modifications definitely add complications beyond the basic plan but will result in a much more habitable boat for cruising.

The ice box is almost done, as you can see in the photo below. It's not pretty at this stage but will soon be ready to paint inside. You can see access opening going through the 4-inches of foam into the main cabin. At the bottom of the ice compartment we've installed a drain line that also passes through to the inside, where melt water can be drained into a bucket.

Here's a view from inside the galley hull showing the ice box opening and the drain line at the bottom, just to the left of where the galley freshwater foot pump will be mounted.

Forward of the entry compartments we have the main bunk areas painted. The rest of the interior finish painting is not far behind.

These are the lids for the storage areas below all the bunks. They've been epoxy coated and finger-holes have been drilled. The next step is priming and painting.

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