Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Floors and Bunks

Work in both hulls continued early this week with finishing up the glass laminations in the keel interiors and completing work below the floors and bunks so they could be installed. In the photo below you can see the ventilation tube that extends out of the sealed buoyancy compartments below the floors. Small sealed spaces like this in wood-epoxy boats must be ventilated to prevent damage from expansion due to heat, especially in a boat that will be sailed in the tropics.

Below you can see the floors in one of the hulls, now glued in place with epoxy and weighted down with lead-filled bags to apply even pressure until the epoxy sets.

Here is a view of both hulls with the main bunk panels temporarily in place. These will not be permanently installed until the compartments below are finished and painted and built-in water tanks completed.

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