Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bunk Installation and Topside Panel Assembly

Most of the bunk panels were installed today. The tops will be coated and filleted when the hull topside panels are installed. These photos show how bright the white painted stowage compartments are. This will make it easy to find things stashed down below when out cruising and will make it easy to keep the interiors clean.

Here is a view from the inside of one of the stowage compartment interiors below the bunks. The unpainted area at the glue joint will get an epoxy fillet and will be painted as well. There is a lot of volume for gear and provisions in these convenient, out of sight locations down in the lower parts of the hulls where most of the weight should be carried.

This a view into one of the forward berths in the compartment forward of the main cabin. There's lots of storage space available under these too.

In the port hull, where the galley will be located, we are installing a 25-gallon fresh water tank below the forward end of the bunk. This size tank fits just right in the space available and the tank will be surrounded in foam to fix it in position. It will be plumbed to the built in galley sink with a foot-operated pump. This tank is set up for convenience in the galley. The boat is capable of carrying a much larger water supply that can be distributed between the two hulls in portable containers that can be used to top off the tank.

We are expecting to begin installing the upper hull panels (topsides) tomorrow. Here you can see an assembled pair for one hull. These panels have a central stiffening stringer that is pre-installed before the panel is offered up the hull. The bulkheads are notched to take this stringer. We will make epoxy fillets on both sides of these stringers and coat the interior sides before installation. Once the topsides are on, Tiki 30 hulls show their true lines and one can get a better sense of the overall size of the vessel.

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