Friday, February 22, 2008

Port Hull Ready for Topsides

Today the water tank installation in the port hull was completed and the bunk panels glued on. Tomorrow we will be ready to install the topside panels on this hull.

Here is a view showing the prepared topside panels for the port hull in the foreground, and the port hull with just the lower hulls built in front of the starboard hull that now has topsides.

In the starboard hull the filleting work has been completed up to the level of the sheer, with glass reinforcements in the stem and stern joints.

Where the topside panels join the lower hulls, a structural fillet has been made between the lower hull stringer and the adjoining bottom edge of the ply panel. This joint was also reinforced with fiberglass tape, which can be seen in the photo below. The extra thickened epoxy visible in the photo is a fairing application that will be sanded smooth before priming and painting.

Here's a view of the two hulls from the starboard side. You can see that the bunk to topside fillets have also been made and are ready for sanding and fairing.

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