Friday, February 29, 2008

Finishing Deck Framing and Fitting Cabin Sides

We are now finishing up the details of the deck framework and have made and fitted the cabin sides. Below you can see the foreward deck stringers in place. These were removed and taken to the workbench for the detail work.

The foredeck hatch openings shown below are one example of these details. Here you can see the deck beams fitted with the fore and aft carlins that are spaced on either side of the hatch openings. Since the Bomar hatches have a corner radius, we have made matching corner blocks of teak to finish out the openings.

Here's another view of the deckbeams and carlins with the teak corner blocks clamped in place while the epoxy cures.

On another bench we have all the cabin house sides and parts for the below-decks beam reinforcing boxes spread out for epoxy coating.

An example of one of these reinforcing boxes is shown below. Triangular in cross-section, their purpose is to spread the wracking forces induced by the beams to a wider section of the topside panels and adjacent bulkheads.

Below you can see the cabin house sides temporarily fixed in position with clamps and screws. The stringers on the upper edges are stiffening battens to keep the panels in a fair curve.

The portlight and companionway openings will be cut after these panels are actually installed. For now they have been removed and taken back to the benches for completion and coating.

With the cabin sides on, you can now see how deep the hulls of the Tiki 30 really are.

While all the above parts are in process, finish work in the hulls at bunk level continues. Here is one of the forward cabin areas, ready for priming and painting.

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