Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy Monday on the Tiki 30 Project

Today construction moved forward on the crossbeams while part of the crew continued the finish work below the bunks in the two hulls. Below you can see the beams in the foreground. Many other parts such as the hull topsides are also in process on other tables outside this view.

The Tiki 30 beam interiors require many structural fillet joints where the floors are joined to the vertical webs and where the triangular fairing supports attach. After the fillets are completed they are sanded and smoothed with a second filleting application where needed.

The beam interiors were then coated with epoxy and are almost ready to be closed in with the installation of the front fairings.

The hull interiors below the bunks were painted today.

These compartments are now done and ready to be closed off with the installation of the bunk panels.

The underside of the bunks were also painted. The masking tape on the edges is to keep the paint off the bearing surfaces where they will be glued with epoxy upon installation.

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