Thursday, February 28, 2008

Deck Stringers and Beam Fairings

One more step in the process of preparing for the installation of the decks is fitting the longitudinal deck stringers that support the 6mm deck panels between bulkheads. These stringers are let into the bulkhead tops by means of notches cut in the cambered deckbeams to receive them. The placement of the foredeck hatch was taken into account in the exact spacing of the stringers on either side of it.

Front fairings are now going onto the crossbeams. The aft and front beams are closed in. The mast beam requires the extra detail of the dolphin stay wire that is fitted inside it before the fairing is installed. The custom swaged stay has been ordered.

Interior fairing above bunk level is mostly done and we will soon be priming and painting the hulls up to the sheer so that decks and cabin sides can go on.

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog!! Waiting in anticipation of how the build develops! Looks Like your a doing a great job. Keep the pictures and write ups coming, they are greatly appreciated!! Thanks heaps..