Friday, February 15, 2008

Finishing Lower Interiors

As the fillets and keel fiberglassing get finished in each below bunks compartment, these areas are completely sanded and cleaned and then coated with a second, sealing coat of clear epoxy. Everything in these storage compartments will be smooth and easy to clean. Even the tops and bottoms of the diagonal stringers have been filleted to the hull sides so there are no dirt traps or flat areas to hold moisture. After this epoxy coating has cured, these compartments will get an Awlgrip primer, which will in turn will be sanded and faired smooth for the final topcoats of white Awlgrip paint.

Here you can see that the floors in the main cabin compartment have been filleted in and everything up to bunk level coated in epoxy.

This view into the aft section of the starboard hull shows the floor installed in the compartment behind the main cabin bulkhead. We will not use this entire area as a wet locker, as shown in the plans, but instead will cut out an opening from the navigation station in the cabin and use this as an extra area for securing navigation instruments and gear. An extra bulkhead from this floor level up will seal this off from a smaller wet locker in the aft half of this compartment. In this photo you can also see the horizontal ply web that is installed to strengthen the hull in the sealed buoyancy compartment just forward of the stern post.

Below are the bunk sections for the main cabins. These will all get two sealing coats of epoxy on the underside before installation.

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