Saturday, February 16, 2008

Paint Prep Below Bunks

All the accessible storage compartments below the bunks have now been faired and primed with Awlgrip primer. The clean white interiors of these compartments will make it easy to find things stowed below the bunks and will be easy to maintain.

Before the bunks are installed the undersides of all the panels will also be primed and painted except for the bearing surfaces on the edges that will be taped off to allow a good epoxy bond. Sealing all these interior surfaces with epoxy, then primer, and finally paint will insure that all the wood components of the hull interiors remain moisture free and will greatly increase the longevity of the vessel.

Below is a view into the lower compartment aft of the cabin in the port hull. The first layer of foam insulation has been glued in around the diagonal stringers. This compartment will be an ice box, with a deck hatch allowing top loading of block ice from outside the cabin, and an interior door opening into the galley to allow easy access to the contents from inside.

Below is an overview of the hulls with primed lower interiors. Next week we are looking forward to moving on above bunk level and installing topsides and building the cabin accomodations.

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