Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stems, Skegs, Keels, Bulkheads and Topsides

Here the stems and skegs are being laminated together. Each one is made up of two layers of 9mm ply. Again, you can see the scrap ply pieces used as blocking on top to prevent the heads of the temporary screws from penetrating the workpiece.

The two photos below show the mini-keel assemblies for each hull. The keels will be shaped and epoxy coated after glueing up.

Here, some of the bulkheads can be seen, along with the installation of the floor and bunk bearers, milled out of Doug fir. Also on the table are stringers for the upper edge of the lower hullsides, scarfed to length from 45mm Doug fir.

Using a router to simultaneously cut stacked parts for both hulls. We use a lot of production techniques like this to save time and increase accuracy. Experience with much bigger jobs on a tight timeframe will enable us to quickly build this Tiki 30 catamaran to a high standard.

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